Discover Your Lucky Color Based on Your Zodiac Sign
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Everyone has a choice of colors. There are cool colors as well as warm colors. It is not that we always get attracted to our favorite colors.

More often, we choose colors depending on our mood and the situation we are living in. do you know your zodiac sign defines which color goes lucky for you? Do you know which color brings luck and happiness in your life? According to Indian astrologer in Toronto, today we will know our lucky colors based on our zodiac sign (notwithstanding sun sign/moon sign).

Which Is Your Lucky Color?

It may sound funny, but it is beyond doubt true that color plays an important role to bring goodness and good luck in our lives. Let us know the right color, the color of your luck,


You are ruled by Mars. Hence, if you wear red then you can draw good luck towards you. You can also wear pink, and white. Do not wear green, black or blue, they do not suit you.


You are governed by Venus and apple green color brings luck to you. You can also wear pink, white and vermilion red for luck and prosperity. Do not go for red and yellow when you really want to earn luck.


You are ruled by Mercury. You can certainly go for green, yellow, and pink to bring luck in your life. White suits you too. You should not wear red and blue when you are going to do a fresh start.


Moon rules you and you are soft in terms of nature. You can happily wear white, grey, cream, and beige color to fill the joy of color.


Purple and orange bring fortune for you. you are ruled by Sun. Even golden shade suits you better as well as lucky for you. You should not wear black.


You are ruled by Mercury. Green, blue, yellow, and white colors are fortunate colors for you. You can wear any of them when you are about to start new work. do not go for red color, it does not suit you.


Venus rules you. If you wear white or light blue then you can earn good luck in your life. You should not wear red it does not offer you a positive vibe.


Mars rules you and you should wear red and orange for luck. You can also wear white, chocolate, and yellow to earn a fortune in your life. Try not to wear blue and green – they are inauspicious for you.


You can wear dark yellow and orange to incur good luck and prosperity in your life. You are governed by Jupiter. You can also wear cream and green for goodness. You should not wear blue when you are about to start any new project.


You are tough as you are ruled by Saturn. You can wear black, purple, or any dark shade to call good luck in your life. Avoid red and yellow they do not bring a positive vibe for you.


You are governed by Saturn and you can wear light blue, white, any bright color, and purple to attract luck in your life. Do not wear green and dark blue as they are not good for you.


Jupiter rules you. You should wear yellow and orange to stay positive and to bring luck. You can also consider pink color to call fortune in your life. Do not wear black or dark color as they are not auspicious for you.

Now, you know which color goes well for you. You can try the color and consult with an Indian astrologer in Toronto to get more detail of you.

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