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Have you ever thought why you are different from your sister or brother in-spite of having blood connection? Have you imagined why you do think repeatedly for the same thing when others can ignore it simply? If you have not then it is time to uncover the hidden facts of you with your birth date with astrologer in Toronto.

How Date of Birth Method Works on?

Surprised! Don’t be. Your birthday can reveal you so many things that you are not aware of. According to numerology, there are 9 predominating numbers from 1 to 9, and every number is ruled by a certain planet. If you have born on 2nd of December then you are ruled by Moon. Even, individuals who take born on 11th/20th/29th regardless of the month they are too ruled by Moon as 11 (1+1)/20 (2+0)/29 (2+9=11, 1+1 =2) all are sum it up on 2.

Personality Traits Based on Birth Date

In such a way, we will discuss what your birthdate says about you, which is plant to rule you, and what are the traits of your personality. Let us start with number 1 and goes on,

If You Have Born on 1/10/19/28 of a Month: You are ruled by Sun. You have inborn leadership quality. You are an independent person and lives like a free bird. You are a highly ambitious and knowledgeable person. You are stubborn and lazy in nature.

If You Have Born on 2/11/20/29 of a Month: You are ruled by Moon and you are born emotionally. You are easy to be influenced by your surroundings. You are a diplomat but sensitive towards personal relationships. You are stage shy. Don’t let your talent ruined by stress and stay confident.

If You Have Born on 3/12/21/30 of a Month: Jupiter rules you and you are a person of charm. You are talented and have born with an artistic mind and creativity. Your social skill empowers to clear obstacles in your life. You are witty but moody at the same time.

If You Have Born on 4/13/22/31 of a Month: Rahu or Uranus rules you. You are a self-dependent person and you are known for your ethics and devotion. You are honest, sincere, and punctilious. Though, you are a strong-headed person and not a social animal.

If You Have Born on 5/14/23 of a Month: Mercury rules you and you are a versatile person. You love to work in a team and have the excellent presence of mind. You are perfectionist, prone to change, and love to travel. You love to work efficiently but impatient at the same time.

If You Have Born on 6/15/24 of a Month: Ruled by Venus you are a family material and love social gatherings. You know how to create balance in life. You are creative and healer at the same time. You are sentimental but too much emotional.

If You Have Born on 7/16/25 of a Month: Ruled by Ketu or Neptune, you have born with high analytical skill. You prefer to go deep whatever the matter is, and you love to work independently. You are bossy and stubborn.

If You Have Born on 8/17/26 of a Month: Saturn rules you. You are a good businessman and money maker. You know how to handle projects with leadership quality. Though, you are rude and introvert.

If You Have Born on 9/18/27 of a Month: Mars rules you. You love unconditionally and think for others to give what you have. You have a big heart.

Hope, today you have known the unknown within you and work on your qualities and weaknesses to live life in a better way. If you want to know more about it then it would be better to consult with an astrologer in Toronto.

Best of Luck!

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The motto of Mr. iZO is to give life to the numbers and since past ten years he has been spreading the power of numbers among the mass.

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