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Basic Rules of Kundali Matching

One of the most important aspects of marriage is Kundali Matching as it gives a forecast of your married life with your partner.

Kundali Matching is like SWOT analysis where horoscope is displayed as a balance sheet while the liabilities and assets of the pair are regarded as good and bad Karma. Kundali Matching assist in understanding the nature of an individual thereby imparting a fair chance to choose a right life partner. Kundali Matching should be genuinely done by a professional. For simple Kundali Matching, few factors must be considered.

Following factors which are checked in North India regarding Kundali matchmaking are:

• Varna
• Vashya
• Tara or Dina
• Yoni
• Grah Maitri
• Gana
• Bhakut


Every factor is assigned systematically by keeping in mind the basic points. Kundali of the interesting pair is matched on the basis of the parameters given above while the resultant calculation is known as Guna Matching. Total of 36 Guna match is considered to be a perfect match. It is believed Lord Rama and Sita had the perfect match of 36 Guna. Match of 18 Gunas is considered to be average while the match of 28 Gunas signifies satisfaction.

Kundali Matching and calculation of Guna is given wide importance in India. Before fixing a wedding, these Guna Milans are generally calculated.

Kundali matchmaking in South India is based on following points:

• Dhina: Longevity of the pair is calculated through it.
• Gana: This measures the happy life and well-being of the pair.
• Mahendra: This is a major factor that gives information regarding childbirth prospects.
• Sthree Dheerga: This is a factor that calculates strength, happiness, prosperity of the couple.
• Yoni: This factor assists in determining balance and harmony in married life.
• Rashi: This factor is calculated for the happiness of children.
• Rasvadhipathi: This factor measures riches and descendants.
• Vasya: This factor reveals love and affection that one must receive in course of marriage.
• Rajju: This factor predicts the longevity of the married life.
• Vedhai: If there is zero Vedhai then it is believed that married life will never witness any evil force.

Another factor that equivalently contributes in matching Kundali is determining the existence of Manglik Dosha. Manglik Dosha is treated as a major issue in the settlement of marriage as it is considered an essential parameter that determines matchmaking. At times marriage gets delayed due to the existence of such problems. The main parameter for the consideration of Manglik Dosha is the emergence of Mangal or Mars in the horoscope. An individual is considered Manglik if Mars is placed in the Lagna, Fourth House, Seventh House, Eighth House or Twelfth House of his horoscope. Few Experts may also consider the Second House for analyzing Manglik Dosha.

There are several reasons which state why particularly these Houses are given immense importance in matchmaking. Lagna symbolizes the self. Placement of Mars in Lagna may make the folk aggressively violent. Second House is a symbol of Kutumb or immediate family. If Mars is placed in a second house then it might result in adjustment problems with family. Fourth House marks comfort. Placement of Mars in Fourth House spoils family comfort and prosperity. Seventh House is the House the guides marriage and placement of Mars in Seventh House might lead to misapprehensions in marital life. Eighth House marks longevity self and marriage. Placement of Mars in the Eighth House might be an indication of danger to self and spouse. Marital happiness dwells in Twelfth House and therefore placement of Mars in this house drains out love and happiness from married life.

Kundali Matching is highly useful when calculations are based on concerning certain factors. Kundali Matching assists to avoid the impact of a major blow to matrimonial life. Checking out Kundali before tying a knot has become a common phenomenon in Indian tradition and is considered one such probable reason that makes marriages in India lasts long.

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